Mezzanine and preferred equity financing products provide owners with greater proceeds than are available through conventional financing.

Unique Albin Capital Advantages

 Easily combines with other Arbor loans for an efficient one-stop shop experience

 Albin Capitals’ long-standing track record and industry experience allow us to act quickly and creatively

 Certainty of execution

  • LOAN AMOUNT                                                           Generally $2,500,000 minimum. No maximum.
  • LOAN TERM                                                                 Generally 1 to 5 years.
  • AMORTIZATION                                                           Interest-only or fixed principal paydowns.
  • MINIMUM DSCR                                                          1.10x through the mezzanine debt service.
  • MAXIMUM LTV                                                             Up to 90%.
  • INTEREST RATE                                                            Rates vary based on risk profile, business plan, sponsorship, and other terms.
  • ELIGIBLE PROPERTIES                                            Multifamily, office, retail, and student housing projects located in strong markets with positive demographic, population and employment trends.     
  • ELIGIBLE BORROWER                                            Single Asset Entity.
  • SECURITY                                                                 Pledge of ownership interests secured by UCC or preferred equity position. Additional credit enhancement (recourse, other collateral, letter of credit or other guarantees) to be determined.
  • REQUIRED REPORTS                                              Appraisal, Property Condition Assessment, Phase I Environmental.
  • PREPAYMENT                                                         Generally permitted.
  • LENDER FEE                                                           Origination and exit fees to be determined.

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