Frequently asked questions

Why use Albin capitals to finance your deal versus other financiers?

Albin capitals is literally a large network of financing sources all across the globe. We use this network to create the most quality, competitively priced trade finance solutions in the market. Contact us and we’ll create a plan that suits your specific needs.

What is the cost of receiving a letter of credit or bank guarantee?

Due to our expansive network, Albin capitals provides the most competive rates in the market. These rates differ depending on the financial instrument used, the time frame and the bank. Contact us today to discuss your needs so that we can provide the best instrument at the lowest cost to you.

How long does it take to obtain financing?

It definitely depends on the type of instrument uitilized, as well as the response time of the applicant. We have closed deals in a little 24 hours, but most deals take approximately 2-7 days.

How will Trade Finance Network guide me through the transaction?

Our trade finance experts are available to create a custom financing solution for you, or just consult on any questions that you have throughout the process.

Do I need to put up any collateral in order to open up a letter of credit or bank guarantee?

The collateral required depends on the type of finacial instrument used, the bank and other factors. In most deals that Albin Capitals closes, we are able to structure the deal with out the need for any collateral. If collateral is required for deal, we have options for those deals as well.

Does Albin Capitals offer financial consulting?

At this moment, we only consult on transactions that are structured through our expansive network.

How are your letters of credit different than the letters of credit that I have opened up with my own bank?

It is better to open letters of credit with us because we use our network’s own lines to open up LCs on our clients behalf. Due to our large network of banks and financiers, our clients can use our network to optimize their deals and lower costs. If one bank can’t provide what our client requires, we can simply move to another bank to finance the deal.

Does Albin Capitals sell or lease bank instruments?

We do not sell or lease bank instruments. We only provide financial instruments for our clients who are dealing in international trade and are doing actual deals.