When it comes to commercial real estate, timing is everything. With Albin Capital on your side, you get the working capital you need, when you need it. With the fast-paced nature of commercial real estate development, traditional bank loans with their slow approval channels can mean lost opportunity. Aurelian has the funding capability equal to or greater than the largest institutions, yet also offers expedited services. With our commercial real estate bridge loans, you quickly get the capital you need to take advantage of lucrative opportunities. When it comes to bridge loan lending, Local  businesses and those around the world choose Albin Capitals  for quick, reliable and flexible funding.  

Uses for Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are similar to hard money loans in that both methods use real estate to secure the loan and are usually arranged at short terms. Bridge loans, however, more often refer to properties that are in transition. Commercial real estate bridge loans are frequently relied on in the following situations: Quick close – There are cases where a property can be given at a discount as long as the buyer can close immediately. Then there are auctioned properties where the timeframe for completion is usually within a month. Commercial real estate bridge loans from Albin capitals are a fast and reliable source of funding in such cases and serve as an alternative to taking out a regular mortgage. Development projects – Besides securing the purchase, you may also need time to work on improving the commercial property. Financing through commercial real estate bridge loans can help you complete the development project and establish a solid operating history. This in turn can improve your standing for more conventional long term financing.  

Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans Features

Interest rates on bridge loans can vary from 9% to 14%, depending on the targeted commercial property. Terms are usually up to 12 months, but with our flexible terms, this can be extended. Albin capitals works with you to structure the loans you need in the most advantageous way for your company. Our commercial real estate bridge loans also help you achieve the best means for repayment. Bridge loans secured through Albin Capitals can be paid back after the commercial property is resold or when it becomes operational and profitable after improvement. They can also often be paid back through the more conventional financing they initially helped secure. Flexible options are what you can expect from our commercial real estate lending services.